Vision to Action

Vision to Action

Our New Membership Program

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  • Ready to create a thriving business?
  • Need a fun, practical way to move forward?

The Vision to Action Membership Program is a flexible monthly offering designed to get your business up and going.  Presented in bi-weekly teleclass sessions, we take away the question marks and help propel you forward with joy and inspiration.


We know how painful and confusing it can be to get things off the ground. We’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to attract clients, and build a flourishing business.
Inspired on Demand puzzle pieceWe put the pieces together, in a logical, step-by-step progression. As vision turns into action, you feel confidence and pride, while moving your business forward in your own unique style and pace.
With our help, you develop a thorough strategic plan with milestones, methodology, and specific actions — accountably held, week-by-week, by a team of peers and mentors.

“This program goes for results without the suffering.
It has a creative and accessible approach to create
the foundation for being an entrepreneur.”

~ Alison Seligson, MBA, CPCC, CFO


Sampling of Webinar Topics

  • Attracting Clients: Learn the practical steps to attract clients without the burden of feeling pushy, manipulative, or desperate.
  • Vision: Craft a powerful view of the future that grounds and inspires you.
  • Brand: Create a strong, authentic brand, grounded in strengths, values, and purpose, increasing your credibility and effectiveness.
  • Niche: Explore, define, and choose your ideal client and market segment.
  • Marketing that Works: Design and implement a powerful plan that lights you up.
  • Social Media: Develop an effective, easy-to-implement social media strategy.
  • Finances Made Easy: Learn and use financial tools for growing and sustaining your business.
  • Offers: Design and implement packages that easily attract clients.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Develop simple and effective work systems and programs as you set up the basics for a strong, effective business.
  • And Much More!


Our Format

Colorful kites togetherVision to Action encompasses twice-monthly teleclasses plus an in-depth work session with a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs. Each session is 60-minutes long and the teleclasses are recorded, enabling participants to listen to sessions they need to miss, and review any session at any time. The program begins with a 3-month subscription, followed by monthly membership dues.


Finding Your Way

A man puzzles before entering a maze.As senior faculty of the Coaches Training Institute, we often hear that students have trouble building their businesses. They love the client interactions but find the promotional aspects difficult. We work with our students to break through the barriers and find inspiring ways to grow their business.
The Vision to Action Membership Program delivers practical, hands-on, experiential lessons that develop your business skills. The support community of your co-coaches and program leaders inspire the entrepreneurial spirit you need to effectively apply your professional training.

There is no hype and no quick-fix promise. Simply put, we teach people to successfully build their own business from a place of authenticity, generosity and fun. We know how aspiring business owners think, and we address their concerns in a no-nonsense manner.

“Their materials are great.  I’m really feeling in the flow

and setting up coaching consultations like crazy.”

~ Becca Pronchick, CPCC, Health and Spirituality Coach


An Inspired Approach

Compass needle points firmly towards "Vision"At Inspired on Demand, our programs are sourced in the concepts of coaching, with values of inspiration and authenticity. We bring over 25 years of sales, coaching, training, and related business experience. Inspired on Demand courses demystify business jargon, deliver effective tools, and empower students to find a unique way to develop their own thriving businesses. Our intention is to show you how to promote yourself effectively as you face the adventures and fears of growing a business, making a good living, and making a difference in the world.

“ My coaching business doubled in a year, and I’m living the life I dreamed.”

~ Jim Benson

From vision to action.


Dates & Fees

  • The new program dates have not yet been set
  • Sessions are via telephone and Zoom Conference, for one hour each
  • There is a one-time membership fee of $125
  • Register with a three-month discounted subscription for $447
  • Thereafter, renew for the same three-month discount, or pay monthly at $195 per month


Early-Bird Discount


    Register early for additional discounts!




To ensure participation is right for you, please call us at (510) 573-1010 or (510) 991-7755 or send us a message using our Contact Page.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!