Presenting Your Authentic Self

Presenting Your Authentic Self!

The Art of STANDING OUT While Promoting Your Business

September 22-23, 2018
Fremont, California


Who Is This For?

Coaches, Consultants and Service Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world — and be seen and known for their unique contribution.

What Is It About?

You have a unique message to tell — that can come through stories, images and pure self expression. When you’re authentically sharing yourself, these stories will capture your essential genius and express your irresistible essence. Once you’re clear about your gifts and can express them in front of a safe audience, you’ll be able to expand these ideas into a keynote speech, a longer workshop or material for your website. They will become an integral part of your powerful platform for success.

Instead of being forced or slick, your message will flow from the heart and soul of your authenticity, differentiating you from the crowd. And, even better, you will lose any contraction or anxiety around speaking to groups and replace it with expansive freedom and joy of expression. This will serve you for your whole professional career and be will worth the investment of time and money.

What Are The Tangible Results & Benefits?

✔ A quantum leap in your confidence
✔ A strong grounding in your essence and brand
✔ A new freedom to be an effective, charismatic speaker


More info or to register: Call Ken or Leslie at 510-573-1010 or 510-991-7755.



About Leslie Lupinsky and Ken Oakley: Each have over two decades of experience in leading workshops and supporting people to shine in their presentation skills.

Leslie is a licensed Speaking Circles Facilitator and has led workshops and speaking engagements for over 3,000 participants.

Ken has led workshops for over 20 years in both small, intimate settings as well as large gatherings.

Both are on faculty for prestigious coach training schools and universities, and they both lead courses worldwide. Their students rave about their warmth, inspiration, generosity and wealth of knowledge.

Leslie Lupinsky, Master Coach and Speaker     Ken Oakley, Master Coach and Speaker